Princes Risborough Cricket Club Midweek / Academy XI squad

Midweek / Academy XI

Captain : Jon Witney

Laurence Brooker
Club member for over 20 years as a colt, then senior player in the 2nd and 1st team. Proud to be current 1st team/club captain, loving moving up the divisions, collecting and posing with trophies and stuff like that.
Andy Hitchcock
Having travelled around over the years, I've now been playing for PRCC for 15 years as what is probably best described as a bowling all-rounder. I'm now Treasurer for the club and my son plays in the senior teams. By day I've worked for De Beers for nearly 25 years as an accountant / general manager.
Damien Pitt
I am 17 years old! i am princes risborough till i die! I hold a bat and try to hit the ball easy really!!
Graeme Pitt
RH Bat - nailed on number 11, if I go any higher up the order I get vertigo.

My hero in cricket is Gilo - I learnt everything I know about the arm ball from him.

Specialist fielding position - slip, well goalkeeper at the moment the way I keep tipping the ball over the bar!
Andy Sheldon
Mug who looks after the ground and proud member of the Cricket Society
Frank Spencer
The one who does the money!
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