AGM Agenda & Committee Report

2012 AGM - 20 January 2012

Members are advised that the AGM will be held in the pavilion at 8:00 pm on 20 January 2012. You will receive a paper copy of the documents ONLY if you are not recorded on this system (or we don't have an email address for you).

You can see a copy of the Meeting Notice here .

Please try to attend the meeting. 
The following documents are being published to members piecemeal and can be seen by clicking on the links below:

Minutes of 2011 AGM
(PDF file)

2011 Accounts Members only

2011 Management Committee / Hon Secretary Report
(PDF file)

2011 Bar Report (PDF file)

To be added:

2011 Welfare Report

Historical Info (in case you haven't got a life!):

2011 AGM - 21 January 2011

2010 Management Committee Report
(PDF file)

Minutes of 2010 AGM
(PDF file)

2010 Accounts Members only

2010 Bar Report (PDF file)

2010 Welfare Report (PDF file)
2010 AGM - 22 January 2010

2009 Management Committee Report (PDF file)

Minutes of 2009 AGM (PDF file)
2009 Accounts Members only

2009 Rule Changes (PDF file)

Earlier Years
2008 Committee Report (a summary of what we've been doing).

AGM 2007 Minutes (does what it says on the tin!).

31 Oct 2008 AGM Minutes (ditto - really only the resolution to adjourn until 23 January 2009!)

PDF Files
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