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Team Selection and Availability:
[updated May 2010]
We want to make full use of the HitsSports system which we use to run the PRCC website. It's good value for money but it does cost the equivalent of 2 players' subscriptions each year - yours and somebody else's.

After a hiccup in the first couple of weeks (which seems to come at the start of each season) we are sure that the notification system is working well and we want to progress and build on what we did successfully in 2008 - when we set all this up from scratch - and 2009. If we can do so it will make life much easier for the people who do a lot for the Club and release their time to help in other ways - or even entitle them to relax with a beer instead!

How Can You Help?
1. Tell Us About Your Availability:
We really need to get out of the habit after each match of taking a list of availabilities for the following week.
If you log on to this website you can enter your availability for every match that we've got on the website - right up to the end of the season if you wish. We're not suggesting that you necessarily know about every date but give us the best information you can - you can always update it later if circumstances change.
By doing this the Selection Committee knows if you can play or not when they sit down to choose the teams and doesn't have to wait with bated breath to find out the good (or bad) news.
Because many people forget their passwords you can get a reminder by requesting one by email (from the link just under the logon box). If you can't remeber your identity you will need to request it from me (preferably by email using the 'CONTACT' link on the top menu).

Then all you need to do is click on AVAILABILITY from the top menu and the rest is simple to use.

2. Reply Promptly When You Get the Selection Message
In response to a text just reply 'Yes' or 'No' - don't add comments like 'Im not really sure' . In the past that sort of thing has messed up the system although HitsSports have taken steps to stop that happening again.

Similarly please use email to respond by just clicking on the appropriate link.

3. Keep Your Details Updated
Make sure that we have an up-to-date email address and mobile number for you. The mobile number we have recorded for you can be seen by clicking on 'Update my profile' (just under the logon box - don't worry if it starts with '44' rather than '0' as long as the rest of the number is OK - the system puts the international dialling code for the UK so that it can receive your response and log it on the system).
It's better if you enter a space or spaces into the phone number to make it easier to read (it won't mess up the system).

Additionally please make sure that you let me know about any changes of address, email or phone number. This information is vital for sending out information and preparing the fixture card etc. You can always email me via the website.

Hope to see you at cricket soon - and please make sure we all have a good season.


John Bushby