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About PRCC

PRCC is a long established friendly and sociable cricket club with a good ground and facilities located on the boundaries of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Vale of Aylesbury. PRCC has well-organised facilities for juniors - boys and girls.
We are one of the Bucks Cricket Board's 25 'focus' clubs for the county and do our best to participate and support the development of cricket  - and particularly junior cricket - in Buckinghamshire.
The Club runs 2 teams on Saturdays and for season 2010 moved into the Morrant Thames Valley Cricket League (after spending many years in the Cherwell League).
On Sundays the emphasis is on pure enjoyment of the game and helping youngsters with the transition into senior cricket. Although the current fixture list caters for only one Sunday side an occasional second team takes the field and the aim is to move to a full schedule for this in the next couple of years as numbers grow.

ClubMark and Juniors

PRCC is proud to say that we received ECB ClubMark accreditation in September 2008. This is the sign of a well-run club with proper provision for coaching and protecting our youngsters and involves a thorough review of our facilities and procedures by people nominated by the ECB.
For 2011 we are hoping to recruit enough girls to form a team with the intention of entering a league in 2012. We are also looking at the possibility of creating a small changing room by utilising the area formerly occupied by the scorebox, so that it can be used by ladies or girls playing in mixed senior sides You can find out more about our juniors and coaching by clicking here.

Our Website & Membership
We now use the HitsSports system to maintain and update our website and to assist in selecting and notifying teams. This allows us to communicate with members in either direction by text or email (as long as we have your mobile number and/or email address). Please make sure your details are correct and up to date.
If you are a member and haven't yet received a notification with logon details please register by clicking here. You'll get an acknowledgement and then be notified as soon as we've confirmed that you are a member.

If you are already on the system please check your details and notify your availability (click on AVAILABILITY on the right of the top menu once you have logged on).

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Procedure for using PRCC nets during COVID-19

The clubhouse will remain closed during net sessions. Players will not therefore have access to toilet or hand-washing facilities. This will be reviewed depending on how the initial stages of re-opening work out.


  1. Before booking – and before using the facilities – players must check for symptoms of COVID-19 and if they have such symptoms or are living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if they are classified as extremely vulnerable they should stay at home and follow government guidance.
  2. Nets may only be booked for use by people from the same household, for individuals using the facilities alone, or for a maximum of two people from different households who maintain recommended social distancing measures.
  3. You must ensure that a Club Representative, as defined in paragraph 15 below, will be present at all times during the net session.
  4. If you are the club representative, you must discharge the functions set out in paragraph 16 below.
  5. If you are Under 18, ensure that a parent or guardian will be present at all times during the net session, acting as a club representative.
  6. Use only your own kit.
  7. Bring your own hand sanitiser.
  8. Sanitise your hands before you leave.
  9. Avoid public transport if at all possible.
  10. Make sure your subscription is up to date : see paragraphs 11-13 below.


11. Due to the disruption to the beginning of the season many players have not yet paid a subscription; some senior players have paid in full; and a number of Colts have paid for winter nets, the last three of which were cancelled because of COVID-19.

  1. For those who have not yet paid a subscription or net fee, the Committee asks Senior Players to pay a reduced sub of £20, and Under 18s a reduced sub of £10, as a contribution to the continued running costs of the club pending the return of full cricket. If and when full cricket resumes, players will be asked to pay the balance of their subscription.
  2. Where possible subs should be paid online to the club’s account – number 00123051 - Sort Code 30-96-86. Please also email the Treasurer, at to let him know that the payment has been made.


    Who is a Club Representative and what do they do ?

  3. 14.It is an ECB requirement that a club representative should be present for every net session.


  4. 15.The General Committee has decided that, in order to make the arrangements as flexible as possible, ANY ADULT PLAYING MEMBER who has confirmed this year’s playing membership by paying a subscription as defined above, will be a club representative. In addition, the PARENT OR GUARDIAN of an Under 18 member (who has paid a subscription above) will also be a club representative.


  5. 16.The role of the representative is to –

    .. (i) maintain an accurate written record of the date and start and end times of the net session, who attended, and whether they were from the same or different households. This is important in order to assist contact tracing if a suspected COVID-19 case were to emerge subsequently

    ..  (ii) satisfy themselves that the facilities are safe to use. This will largely be a matter of common sense

    .. (iii) ensure that bookings are properly controlled and groups do not overlap and create difficulties with social distancing

    .. (iv) ensure that the normal safeguarding requirements are adhered to

    .. (v) send a short text, at the end of the net session, confirming the information in (i) above and whether there were any changes from the original booking. The text should be sent to the PRCC mobile number 07561 653151.


  6. 17.If in doubt, please text or leave a message on the club mobile number above.


Section B : How to make a booking

Senior Players

  1. Please text the club mobile – 07561 653151 - stating (i) the date and time required ; (ii) the name of the club representative ( who would normally be one of the players) ; (ii) whether those participating are from the same or different households ; (iii) and confirming that all those attending will follow this guidance note and have paid their subscription.
  2. There will be a 15 minute gap between bookings, to ensure that social distancing is maintained.

    Under 18s

  3. Should use the Colts’ WhatsApp group, which is already in existence, to arrange a date and time.
  4. The booking should state (i) the names of the Under 18s who will be using the nets and of the parent or guardian who will be accompanying them ; (ii) whether those attending are from the same or different households ; and (iv), confirming that all those attending will follow the guidance in this note and that the relevant subscriptions have been paid.
  5. A 15 minute gap must be left between bookings, to ensure that social distancing is maintained.

    Bookings management

  6. The PRCC club mobile number will be added, temporarily, to the Colts’ WhatsApp group, to allow visibility across all bookings made by Senior and Colts’ players, to avoid clashes in timings, and to allow the procedures to be monitored and, if necessary, amended. The arrangements will be overseen by a member of the Committee.

 Section C : ON THE DAY

  1. Avoid arriving at the ground more than 10 minutes before your session begins and leave promptly at the end.
  2. SOCIAL DISTANCING OF AT LEAST TWO METRES MUST BE MAINTAINED AT ALL TIMES, unless all participants are from the same household.
  3. In order to maintain the safety of the ground and reduce the need for net users to sanitise their hands when opening and closing the gates, the car park will remain locked. Please park on the verge outside and enter through the pedestrian gate – avoiding touching the gate and fencing as you do so.
  4. The clubhouse will be closed.
  5. One net will be in operation. Please remove the ‘CLOSED’ sign from the net before using it and replace it when you have finished, to deter non-members from using the net.
  6. Sets of stumps will be available in the scorebox. Please return them after use and ensure that the door is closed. Please bear in mind that stumps (and the scorebox door handles) will have been touched by others so please sanitise your hands as necessary.
  7. Use your own kit, including balls.
  8. No saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball at any time.
  9. No spitting.
  10. Wear usual protective equipment in the nets – helmets, pads, etc.
  11. Bring your own drinks.
  12. A First Aid kit will be available in the scorebox.



  1. Replace the ‘CLOSED’ sign across the opening of the net.
  2. Ensure that the net is left tidy for the next players to use.
  3. Sanitise or thoroughly wash your hands.
  4. For the Club Representative, send a text to the club mobile confirming attendance, etc.
  5. Inform one of the Club officials of anything which you think they should be aware of or which might help with further planning for net sessions.



General Committee

20 May 2020

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